New Questions:
1. What is O-shaped legs?What should we do? Published at:2012-08-25
For people with O-shaped legs, their knee joints will have a larger separation and it is more common for them to have knee pains. We recommend paying attention to the daily sitting posture and avoid sitting cross-legged. Encourage them to sit with legs rest on the chair.
2. Can flat foot be cured? Published at:2012-08-25
The cause of majority of flat foot is inborn or hereditary. As the bone of adult is fully developed, flat foot is already formed. But the influence of flat foot will show in time or because of job nature. Therefore, it is recommended to use suitable arch support or do more exercises to reduce the problems of flat foot (such as easily fatigued or foot pain).
3. How should we relieve knee pain? Published at:2012-08-25
The main cause of knee pain is knee strain. It may be caused by problems such as knee joint degeneration, over-weight or flat foot. It is recommended to use shock absorbent insole to reduce pressure and relieve pain. In addition, pay attention to work posture and avoid kneeling down or squatting which could easily injure knee joint. If the situation is severe, please consult your doctor for opinion.
4. Can insole cure any kinds of foot pain? Published at:2012-08-25
The causes of foot pain are many. For example, over stretching of plantar fascia due to flat foot, wearing improper shoes, plantar fasciitis, etc. There are different treatments for different conditions and the use of insole can mainly relieve pain. To cure the problem, it should be combined with rest. If the situation is severe or it persists, please consult your doctor for opinion.
5. How do we choose chirobags? Published at:2012-08-25
Although the adult’s bone is fully developed, it is still recommended to choose suitable chirobags to protect the spine in order to reduce the possibility of fatigue.
Please pay attention to the following points:
1. The back plate of the bag should have a central-hollow design (i.e. depressed at the middle part) – to reduce the possibility of impact between the bag and spine.
2. Pelvis pad – After fastening the waist belt, the pressure at the shoulder can be transferred to the pelvis to reduce pressure at the shoulder.
3. Inner board – it helps to keep items inside the bag close to the back to reduce forward inclination of the body and the possibility of hunchback.
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