New Questions:
1. How should the pregnant choose shoes? Published at:2012-08-25
There are different levels of swelling in different stages of pregnancy. Selecting adjustable shoes allow adjustment of space within shoes which can enhance comfort. Besides, the pregnant should avoid wearing slippers or shoes with shoelaces. The former are easily stepped on by others and causes the pregnant to lose balance; the latter can cause the pregnant to fall easily because they have difficulty in tying shoelaces.
2. Is it ok to buy shoes of larger sizes in advance? Published at:2012-08-25
Generally speaking, the pregnant who buys shoes of larger sizes in advance usually because they are afraid of tightness at shoe heads. However, please note that over-large shoes will lead to extra space around toes. When walking, the shoe head can hit ground easily and cause the pregnant to lose balance. Therefore, it is better to choose shoes with sufficient space or adjustable shoe styles. The length and width have to match with the pregnant’s foot condition.
3. How to treat edema? Published at:2012-08-25
It can be treated in the following ways:
1. Shoe – Choose shoes with space adjustment function. Adjust the space inside shoes according to different swelling of the foot.
2. Massage – Massage the swollen area of small leg bottom-up can relieve discomfort
3. Sitting posture – When sitting down, straighten and place both feet on the same level can reduce swelling.
4. What should I do if I have waist pain? Published at:2012-08-25
You can use belly band to reduce the pressure of waist and spine. Sleeping on the sides can also reduce pressure of waist. When you have waist pain, massage gently and use hot water bag to cover the aching position.
5. Can pregnant wear flat bottom shoes? Published at:2012-08-25
Flat bottom shoes cannot reduce heel pressure and easily cause heel pain. It is recommended to wear shoes with heel of 0.5-1 inch higher than forefoot to properly redistribute pressure between forefoot and heel.
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