1. Kid’s Insole ABC

Dr Kong’s professional footcare assistants measure rearfoot valgus index and examine foot condition through VI foot examination system. According to the children’s needs, they recommend suitable A, B or C insoles which are equipped with different arch support and sloped heel to support low foot arch and keep heel upright.

Besides, the health shoes’ hard heel counter stabilizes heel bone. With a firm midsole, it supports body weight and creates an excellent environment for foot development. Children can then wear comfortably!

2. Wrap Around Control Shoe

Dr. Kong為嚴重扁平足及後足外翻之小朋友而設計的「矯正鞋專業配套」,價錢大眾化,包括矯正鞋、矯形師詳細足部檢查及合適的後跟鎖定鞋墊,三者配合,穿着時能調整足踝生物力線更接近垂直,於足部發育的黃金期,誘導足弓發展,減少下肢關節勞損的機會。

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