Get ready to seize the early bird discount for Dr. Kong Spine Pressure-free Schoolbag😍! Selected styles are available for just $199. 🎒
As the semester comes to a close, celebrate the upcoming new school year by being among the first to grab your favorite school bag at this special price🔥. Take advantage of this offer before June 30 and enjoy your summer break worry-free. 😆

Dr. Kong’s spine-protecting school bags come with 4 key features💪🏻:
✅ Spine pressure-free design: Reduces the risk of the bag hitting the spine while walking.
✅ Shoulder pressure relief design: S-shaped shoulder straps and a pelvic pad help distribute the bag’s weight from shoulders to pelvis, reducing shoulder pressure.
✅Center of gravity inner grid: Helps in arranging books from heaviest to lightest, preventing children from leaning forward when carrying their bags.
✅ Orphan-shaped back protector: Designed to fit closer to the child’s back, providing improved comfort.

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*While stocks last, selected products are available.
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