【Check & Fit, the Perfect Healthy Match with Good Fit! 😆】

Is it enough to just look at the design and buy shoes? Of course not! To ensure you buy the good shoes with a good fit, it’s essential to visit a Dr. Kong store for a free “Check & Fit” foot assessment 🦶🏻. Our staffs will help you find the perfect fit for your foot shape and provide sufficient support with our arch-support insoles!

Come to our store now and let Florica Lin teach you how to choose shoes that offer the “Good Fit” ✨ and create different styles to match your outfits 💪🏻!

Let’s watch the video now: https://youtu.be/q29uUfbwIKI?si=JOrfrisf_i-v00pY

🔍 Visit the Dr. Kong store now and receive a complimentary foot assessment 👣: https://bit.ly/47xh1rl