Dr. Kong x ALBERT Au concert 50 ‧ 50 Classic Concert 2023

The ALBERT Au concert 50 ‧ 50 Classic Concert 2023 has been successfully concluded🙌. The response from the audience was very enthusiastic and received rave reviews. 🎉

We are so happy that Dr. Kong can become one of the sponsors of the concert, and the relevant sponsorship amount will be donated to different charities, including
1) Hong Kong Single Parents Association
2) New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
3) The Music Farm Fund
4) Hong Kong Blind Union
5)Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service
6) Methodist Centre

The concert also had a lot of joint promotions❤, including a special discount for Dr. Kong members to purchase concert tickets and concert posters at a 15% discount, and the inside pages of the venue catalog distributed on the day had the Dr. Kong LOGO and EXPLORE hiking Shoe advertising✨, in addition to increasing exposure, can let more people know about our EXPLORE hiking shoes😊. Finally, We would also like to thank ALBERT Au for thanking Dr. Kong on stage and giving a fantastic performance😘.

ALBERT Au concert_ 區瑞強, 民歌王子, 任達華