Check & Fit Foot Assessment

Established in 1999, we understand that there are different needs for different age groups. We are the first to provide ‘Check & Fit’ Foot Assessment and Insole Fitting Service. ‘Check’ refers to checking the foot condition with our 3D Foot Scanner. The scanner can accuarately measure the heel bone inclination angle and heel valgus angle to provide comprehensive data about the foot condition; ‘Fit’ refers to recommending suitable footwear and footcare accessories to our customers according to their results.

Dr. Kong's Back-to-School Equipment Series 🥇Be the "Number Run"🥇

Back-to-School Shoes & Sports Shoes with ``3D Footcare Concept``

The ``3D Foot Protection`` Back-to-School and Sports Shoes are specifically designed for children in the developmental stage. This product line features our exclusive ``CHECK & FIT`` foot analysis and insole fitting service, providing a comprehensive understanding of children's foot conditions and offering the most suitable insoles and healthy shoes for them.

Dr. Kong's Back-to-School Shoes & Sports Shoes with ``3D Footcare Concept`` have three main features that provide the best fit and support for children's feet.

✅ ABC Children's Insoles With Different Arch Support And Sloped Heel
According to different foot conditions, support low foot arch and reduce deterioration of foot problems.

✅ Different Forefoot Width
Match with different foot types, increase comfort.

✅ Hard Heel Counter
Stabilize heel bone.

Dr. Kong Spine Pressure-Free Schoolbag

Dr. Kong's Spine Pressure-free Schoolbag reduces spinal pressure by 59% compared to other backpacks.
Tested and recommended by the Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie,
our backpack helps to alleviate shoulder pressure and protect the spine,
promoting healthy spinal development in children.

Dr. Kong's Spine Pressure-free Schoolbag features four spinal protection functions, reducing shoulder pressure and protecting the spine.

✅Curved backboard design: the backboard is designed according to the back of human. Therefore, the backboard can stick to the back and protect it.
✅Pressure-free hollow tunnel: the hollow tunnel provides pressure-free space to protect the spine from being hit.

✅Pressure dispersion design: the thickened shoulder straps and pelvic pad can reduce the pressure on shoulders.
✅Weight-shifting main compartment design: heavier books can be put near the back, reducing the chance of leaning forward.

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Dr. Kong's New Arrival Explore

Combine both functionality and style - Reduce fatigue and joint strain.

Rubber sole

Designed with a textured pattern to improve grip.

Heel cup

Provides both cushioning and support, reducing excessive heel movement, joint strain, and fatigue.

Foot Assessment and Insole Fitting Service

Supports the arch of the foot, reducing strain and fatigue.

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