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Established in 1999, we understand that there are different needs for different age groups. We are the first to provide ‘Check & Fit’ Foot Assessment and Insole Fitting Service. ‘Check’ refers to checking the foot condition with our 3D Foot Scanner. The scanner can accuarately measure the heel bone inclination angle and heel valgus angle. to provide comprehensive data about the foot condition; ‘Fit’ refers to recommending suitable footwear and footcare accessories to our customers according to their results.



Specializing in foot-checking services


Introducing professional products


Advocating for foot and spinal health

Innovative Development
Our Foot Scanner uses 360° stereoscopic scanning to give accurate foot analysis.

Using data analysis, we provide personalized recommendations for shoes, insoles, and foot exercises tailored to your unique needs.

Dr. Kong was the first to introduce the Check & Fit foot scanning and insole fitting service, available at every Dr. Kong Health Shoes store.
With our 3D smart foot scanner, you can get a clear understanding of your foot condition.

Foot Assessment and Insole Fitting Service - Check & Fit

 Whether you are a child or an adult, you can take advantage of Dr. Kong’s professional foot checking and insole fitting service to understand your foot condition and choose the most appropriate healthy shoes, insoles, and foot care products for yourself.


We provide ‘Check & Fit’ service for kids to recommend A, B, C or C+ insoles according to their foot condition. These insoles give high, medium and normal supports for foot arch and there are different heel pitches to provide support for low foot arch. The rigid heel counter in our shoes can help fix the calcaneus and maintain a vertical heel. With different circumferences, our shoes are suitable for kids with different foot shapes and increase comfortability.

Start Keeping Feet Healthy
at Young Age

We understand the parents’ concerns about their children’s footcare. Therefore, we develop shoes for toddlers with all-round foot protection. With our professional ‘Check & Fit’ service, the parents can choose the most suitable shoes for their children, which enhances the confidence in our brand.

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