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Grow Through Enlightenment and Accomplishment

The mission of our company is to bring foot and spinal health to everyone.
Join us to bring differences to your colleagues and the company.
It’s a place you can be yourself and explore how you can make an impact.
We can also inspire the others to grow together.

Discover your value to create a better future

We consider the career development of our staff important. Therefore, our staff can receive training and have a chance of promotion.

Provide training

Regular training is conducted to our staff to enhance their knowledge on foot and spine health and sales skills. In order to provide quality service, training is also provided to consolidate their knowledge.

Continuing Education

To enhance the professional knowledge, we send the potential colleagues to enrol in “Basic Foot Health and Shoe Fitting Technique” course at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Upon completion of the course, they will be rewarded with a certificate as the first step towards future promotion.

Set up e-learning platform

To help our colleagues provide better service, we have also set up some online courses and e-platforms for interested colleagues to enroll. We encourage them to use their spare time to equip and improve themselves, so that our customers can enjoy better shopping experience.

Allowance for Continuing Education

Our company provides allowances to encourage and subsidize our colleagues to enroll in relevant courses.

Discover your value to create a better future

We value and appreciate our staff. In the past few years, we keep offering better employee benefits and carrying out family-friendly policies.


Annual leave
Birthday leave
Marriage leave
Compassionate leave

Bonus and Allowance

Referral bonus
Sickness allowance
Adult education allowance
Other bonus and allowance

Employee Engagement Activities

Annual dinner
Talks and seminar (eg. health, financial management)
Volunteer services
Gatherings (eg. team-building activities and lunch/ dinner party)
Opinion mailbox

Family-friendly Policies

MPF voluntary contributions
Breastfeeding policy
Marriage leave
Compassionate leave

Join us to build a better world

We always strive to operate in a sustainable manner to fulfill our mission to create a healthier world.

  1.  Volunteer Team
    Established in 2018, Dr. Kong Volunteer Team. Its main service areas include supporting large-scale charitable activities, visiting services and volunteer training. The team also collects donations and resources to help those in need.
  2. Practice breastfeeding friendly workplaces
    To support colleagues to continue breastfeeding when they return to work after childbirth, we have set up a lactation room to provide a suitable environment for the colleagues. We hope to make breastfeeding compatible with work and build a harmonious and friendly workplace.
  3. Care about the disadvantaged
    i. Sponsor various activities, such as the PLK Charity Fencing Competition and the Hong Kong Master Rope Skipping Tourament 2022, to promote and encourage children and their parents to develop good habits of regular exercise, to understand the importance of physical exercise, and to raise funds for various services for grassroots and youth.
    ii. Support grassroots families, children and disadvantaged groups by distributing charity bags to people of different walks of life (e.g. members of the Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong and Blue Fridge Project) on a regular basis in order to show our care, support and encouragement. We also place donation boxes from different organisations in our office to help the underprivileged.
Achieve greatness together
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Join the internship and grow together

At Dr. Kong, interns are an important part of the team. Whether you are doing a summer internship or a semester internship, you will have the opportunity to work on important projects in Dr. Kong and collaborate with other teams.”

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