the Principal’s Football Friendly Match: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology X Resources Capital Football Club

On the 17th of this month (Sunday), the Principal’s Football Friendly Match, co-organized by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Resources Capital Football Club, was successfully held at the University of Science and Technology campus. More than 20 principals from kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and special schools participated in the event.

The president and professors of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology even provided warm hospitality in person, and other professors, staff, business people, and parents of students attended the game to watch and communicate.

The principals also wore Dr. Kong sneakers and jerseys with the Dr. Kong logo to show their support and recognition for our company. At the same time, they also let the principals and the public know that Dr. Kong’s adult shoes are also a good choice.

We were also invited to attend the kick-off ceremony and were interviewed by primary school students and reporters after the game. This event consolidated Dr. Kong’s positive image in the education sector, encouraged the public to support sports, pay attention to the importance of foot and spine health, and had direct communication with the education sector and parents.

We were also invited to participate in the kick-off ceremony, and the exciting match officially started. The match was inextricable and ended in a tie at 1:1. Next, please feel the passionate atmosphere of the day, which was full of talent. Please pay attention to the photos for details.

Photo source: Resources Capital Football Club